We’re proud of our partnership with fine retailers and high-end boutiques in the UAE. Valuable customers need trusted cleaning professionals to maximize their garment investment. Boutiques need to ensure their inventory is impeccably clean and pressed and store staff need to look their best when assisting their clients.
Whatever your needs, Alessia Couture is always available with expert service and advice.
Cleaning of stock and display garments and accessories
It may be a garment or accessory that arrived at your boutique with some staining, wrinkling, or damage during transit – something that you need to salvage, because replacement is not an option. At Alessia Couture, we have the patience, eye for detail, and range of expertise to correct such problems. This includes spot cleaning of garments.  Lipstick or make-up stains will be safely removed without the necessity of cleaning the entire garment.
Direct delivery to your clients
The sale is made – but at the last minute, your client notices a problem with the garment. No problem, we can address whatever issue exists, and either deliver or ship the garment directly to your client.
On-site Cleaning
Alessia Couture offers on-site cleaning for fashion shows and bridal events. Our experience technicians well ensure the garments look fresh and clean between shows. We bring all the tools we need to repair unexpected damage, remove last minute spots, and steam out wrinkles.
Protect your clients’ investment
The most important benefit of our relationship with you is our professional cleaning care.  The garments and accessories purchased by your valuable clients will stay fresh and vibrant for years. Our cleaning guarantee and unsurpassed technical expertise eliminate the worry and hassle which your customers go through with other dry cleaning companies.
Uniform cleaning
A customer service representative needs to look always at his/her best. Alessia Couture offers exceptional prices for staff uniforms cleaning. The offer includes complimentary collection and delivery within Abu Dhabi and Dubai.