The Green Way of Life Clean Cleaning

There is something new in the UAE. The first “couture cleaner”, shall we say “Haute Couture cleaner”, has opened. Alessia Couture specializes in cleaning and preserving high-end garments and leathers. They serve the whole of the UAE and several Gulf countries, including Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, via a concierge services. If this young company’s cleaning and

preservation process ensures that each item is carefully inspected, treated for stains, cleaned carefully, and then hand finished, with attention focused on quality and detail, what is truly new

is its approach to “clean cleaning”! Liquid “gold” For this young company, this means cleaning to the highest standards of environmental responsibility. They are the first cleaner in the

UAE to utilize the GreenEarth Cleaning system. GreenEarth technology uses silicone, a non-toxic, non-hazardous, odor-less and extremely gentle alternative to petrochemicals that is better for both fabrics and the environment. It replaces the hazardous petrochemicals traditionally used in dry cleaning with pure liquid silicone.

Liquid silicone is essentially liquefied sand. The same natural sand the earth has been creating for over six billion years. When released to the nvironment, silicone safely breaks down into the three natural elements it is made from: sand (SiO2) and trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide.

So GreenEarth is safe for the air, water and soil. It is also exceptionally gentle and will not damage fibers or leech dye like conventional dry cleaning, so clothes actually look and feel better. Don’t we as well???

The mind behind the technology GreenEarth was discovered by a scientist working with a solution used in cosmetics who realized it was removing the fats and dirt from his hands without

drying them out. He wondered if it could do the same for clothes. Silicone has been around for a long time and has a wide variety of uses, but no one had found a way to use it for dry cleaning. The process of doing so was patented and now forms one of several baseline patents for the GreenEarth Cleaning system.

GreenEarth Cleaning licenses to dry cleaners operating more than 1,700 stores worldwide and now even close to home!

Alessia Couture is not working on garment volume, but is quality oriented. The team is made of trained experts on couture and high-end garment cleaning knowledge that understand very well fabrics and leathers but also fashion.

They offer unique services such as:

- Couture Cleaning

- Fine Dry Cleaning

- Bridal Cleaning and Preservation (a special service for the first time in the UAE, a voucher is offered for valentine’s day so the bride can try the wedding gown preservation service)

- Leather and Suede Cleaning

- Children Garment Care

- Shoe Polishing and Repairing

- Handbag and Purse Cleaning

- Alterations

- Household Items Cleaning (Table Linens, Rugs/ Carpets, Drapery, Upholstery and Slipcovers for Sofas and Chairs)